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Home Daycare Business Income and Expenses".

Every home daycare provider knows that it is important to keep good records when you run a home daycare my accounting forms will help you keep track of your daycare expenses and income. Home Daycare providers are usually required to keep income and expense records for 7 to 10 years. That’s a lot of paperwork, UNLESS you have my completely computerized and self calculating Home Daycare Accounting Forms. I have Home Daycare Accounting Forms that will help you keep track of and calculate your yearly home daycare business expenses, income and so much more!

Here is what my home daycare forms include:

Home Daycare Business Income Record—Clearly track payments from all daycare parents for the entire year. Easily see who owes you money and when the money is owed. You can also track payments from any food program, state voucher payments or subsidy program. My Home Daycare Business Income forms also help you track daily attendance which comes in handy when doing taxes and you are trying to write off some household expenses. You can also put money aside to pay taxes and my daycare forms will help you calculate how much you have put away and your Year-To-Date income.

Daycare Business Expense Record—Business expenses are broken down into monthly segments and further broken down into category. Categories are: food, supplies, home office supplies, toys, repairs, cleaning, training fees, advertisements and travel expenses. All daycare business expenses are completed monthly then the totals are forwarded over to the following month. At the end of the year all of the totals are on one page! This home daycare business expense record will help you fill out IRS Schedule C Form 1040 Profit or Loss from Business. These daycare forms are so easy to use... they practically do ALL of the work for you!

Business Use of Your Home Record—As discussed here, there are many deductions for Home Daycare Providers. My Daycare Accounting Forms will help you keep a running total of your household expenses that can be written off as a business expenses. These household expenses include: water bills, gas bills, sewer bills, trash bills, general home repairs, insurance, taxes, rent or mortgage interest, phone bills, cable and internet bills. My Daycare Accounting forms will calculate what percentage of these bills you can write off based on the number of hours you worked in the year and the square footage of your home daycare area. (Don't worry, my Home Daycare Forms will keep track of the hours you work per year and do all of the calculations for you!)

Calculating Invoices—You will receive 2 versions of invoices. They are both fully customizable. One version is self calculating and the other version you manually type in amounts you are owed. You can give these out to parents to politely remind them of their dacyare fees and when they are due.

Receipts-You will receive customizable and printable receipts to give parents when they pay you. There is no need for you to keep a copy of this receipt on hand because you have a copy in your computerized home daycare business income record.

End of the Year Daycare Tax Statements- At the end of the year this handy and fully customizable form will be a tremendous help. Easily take a daycare parent’s yearly payment total from your Business Income Form and input it on the tax statement. Now you have something that looks professional to print out and give to every daycare parent.

Vehicle Mileage & Expense Record—Keep track of the miles you drive for daycare purposes. Examples include driving to/from: schools, fieldtrips, daycare trainings/classes, store to buy daycare food or supplies…etc. Also keep track of monthly vehicle payments, gas and repairs. (A portion of these items can be written off at tax time as well and my forms will calculate this for you!)

Virtually ANYTHING you use for your home daycare can be written off at TAX time (either 100% or a portion depending on its use). A lot of the items are business expenses and my Daycare Business Accounting forms will help you keep track of all expenses, income and tax deductions for your Home Daycare Business.

I have been using these daycare forms for over 10 years in my home daycare. They are easy to use and provide an excellent yearly record. My daycare accounting forms run over a span of one year from January to December making it easy to file taxes and keep good records.

All of these daycare forms are completely stored on your computer making your home daycare clutter free. At the end of the year you simply rename the file "2012 Daycare Accounting Records" and do your taxes. That's it! Every person who comes back the following year to order another copy of my Daycare Business Accounting forms is given a promo code for 50% off! (Instructions for the discount & promo codes are sent with every purchase.) But just for ordering my #1 Daycare Forms on CD you will receive a FREE copy of my 2012 Daycare Business Accounting Forms today!

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