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My #1 Daycare Forms on CD has all of the Daycare Forms you need to start a home daycare--I even give you information on state specific daycare forms!

With my #1 Daycare Forms you can start a home daycare and make $30,000 to $60,000 a year or more! Plus get my 2012 Daycare Accounting Software for FREE!

Are You a Stay at Home Mom?
Are You Looking for Additional Income?
Start a home daycare business with my daycare forms on CD Today!

You can make additional income while staying at home with your own children, set your own hours and even get paid hoildays and vacations! I have tons of daycare forms available to help you start a home daycare today!

My #1 Daycare Forms  Include:
Advertising (including how to get your daycare listed in Google and Yahoo for free!), Example crafts, Daycare Program Forms, Take Home Sheets, Menu Planners,  Registration Forms, Binding Contracts, Lesson Plans....every daycare form and daycare document you need to start a home daycare. My Daycare forms will help you maintain a profitable and successful home daycare. For complete details on each daycare form that is included go to my daycare forms page.

There's More to the Daycare Forms on CD!

You'll also receive helpful home daycare hints and tips + many more forms you will need to run a home daycare business and be successful. What's even better is my Daycare Forms are fully customizable and ready to go! All you have to do is enter the name of your home daycare on the forms and print them out! It is that easy!

With the purchase of my Daycare Forms you will also have access to personal contact information so you can get help with any questions you may have while you start your home daycare and begin using my daycare forms.

It gets better!

Not only will you receive my #1 Daycare Forms on CD, I will also include my 2012 Daycare Accounting forms. All you have to do is type in your daycare expenses and the amounts you get paid and my 2012 Home Daycare Accounting Forms will take care of the rest! You can track your purchases, bills and clearly see which parents owe you money. And Remember these daycare accounting forms are provided to you FREE!

Business Accounting Forms Include:
Home Daycare forms for Business Expenses,  Business Income,  Invoices, Receipt Forms, Daycare Tax Statement Forms and Vehicle Mileage Logs. All of these daycare accounting forms are explained in detail on my Daycare Accounting page.

Want to know more about starting a home daycare?

A Home Daycare is a very profitable business--especially if you own your own home! Not many people know that running a business out of your home (especially a home daycare) truly helps out at tax time! Let's talk about daycare business expenses & tax deductions......

Home Daycare Business expenses:

Toys- If you buy toys and use them in your home daycare, they are now a business expense-you write a percentage of them off!

Cleaning Supplies- Buy cleaners to clean up after the daycare children-write them off!

Vehicle- Do you make payments on a vehicle which you use to transport the daycare children to the park or school--write a percentage of it off! (You can write off the gas & mileage as well. My Daycare Forms will show you how!)

Dishes- Did you buy new dishes or pots and pans so you could cook for the daycare children and serve them?--write them off!

See where I am going with this? Virtually ANYTHING you use for your home daycare can be written off at TAX time either in part or whole. They are business expenses. Items used exclusively for your home daycare are written off 100%. Items used in part by your daycare are written off by a percentage. My home daycare accounting forms will calculate this percentage for you. No need to worry! (more information on my Daycare Business Accounting Forms can be found on the Daycare Accounting Page.)

These are just a portion of the items you can write off at tax time. Other items include everyday household bills like a portion of your heating bill, water bill, phone bill cable bill, internet bill...... the list goes on and on. All you have to do is SAVE YOU RECEIPTS and use my Home Daycare Business Accounting Forms to keep track of your home daycare income and expenses. And for only $19.95 for my #1 Daycare Forms you will be able to keep track of your Business Accounts.

Think about it.

You get to stay at home with your own children, set your own hours, set your own rates, get paid holidays and vacations and save tons of money at tax time all for $19.95!. And the best part--the $19.95 for my Daycare Forms is a business investment--So you can write it OFF 100%!

My #1 Daycare Forms along with the FREE 2012 Daycare Accounting Forms are all you will need start a home daycare and be successful.

Begin your new and exciting career as a child care provider and home daycare business owner TODAY!


*you can choose a mailed CD or have of all of documents emailed to you within a few hours. All daycare forms and documents are in Microsoft word, Excel and PDF. There are 3 versions of every document. (Microsoft 2003 version, 2007 and 2010.)

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