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My #1 Daycare Forms on CD has all of the Daycare Forms you need to start a home daycare--These forms are complete, binding and fully customizable. My Daycare Forms include:

Advertising & Templates- Customizable Home Daycare Business Cards and Flyers to hang up at local businesses. You’ll also receive information on how to get your home daycare listed in Google and Yahoo for free! Plus other advertising secrets and information is included in these daycare forms to help you start a home daycare.

Example Craft Ideas- Crafts Ideas for Holidays or just everyday home daycare crafts.

Home Daycare Forms for Everyday Use- Dis-Enrollment Forms, Emergency Contact Cards, Daycare Field Trip Forms, Medication Forms, Injury Reports, Illness Forms... plus more! These are all fully customizable Daycare Forms to help you start and run a home daycare!

Menu and Meal planners- Five Weeks worth of menus are already completed with food children love. The forms are also able to be customized to suit your home daycare's meal needs. As a bonus I am also including a Home Daycare Food Program schedule and Home Daycare Attendance tracker which will help you keep track of the number of meals you serve throughout the year. This is a MUST have at tax time because the meals are written off according to how many you serve!

Parent Letter Templates- Four complete templates of letters/communication to parents. They include home daycare behavior issues, notices (like closing early or special function)…. They can be turned into anything you need. These are an excellnt tool to help run start a home daycare.

Program Starter Pack- Information on individual home daycare state laws, tax information, helpful home daycare websites, coupon codes, example home daycare business plan, a program schedule for your daily routine and a weekly planner.

Registration Packets- Health History, Immunization Records, Home Daycare Parent Handbooks covering policies and procedures, Binding Home Daycare Contracts, a complete Home Daycare Registration Packet, Drop in Registration Forms and a Substitute Provider contract.

Attendance Tracking- There are two versions of my home daycare sign in and out sheets. One is a monthly print out sheet and the other is a weekly print out sheet. (The computerized versions are included on the Business Income records sold with my Daycare Business Accounting Forms and they are included with my Daycare Forms for FREE!).

Home Daycare Take Home Sheets- Cute printable papers to fill out at tell parents about their child’s day. These sheets are for infants, toddlers, school-aged children and potty training children.

You'll also receive helpful hints and tips + many more daycare forms you will need to start a home daycare business and be successful. What's even better is my Daycare forms are fully customizable and ready to go! All you have to do is enter the name of your home daycare on the forms and print them out! It is that easy!

Daycare Forms on CD - every daycare form you need!
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